The GEO India conference and exhibition was organized from 11th January to 14th January at India Expo Mart. The petroleum and geosciences exhibition typically featured over 70 exhibiting companies from 20 plus countries.  High profile exhibitors included the Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), the Indian Government’s Directorate General of Hydrocarbons (DGH); Fugro, Shell, Cairn, Schlumberger, Halliburton, Wavefield and CGG. The main organizers were AAPG and ONGC. Members of our chapter volunteered at the AAPG stall along with Ms. Adrienne Pereira, AAPG Asia Pacific Region Programs Manager. The students got the opportunity to interact and build networks with various companies delegates. Also, few of the students attended the digital sessions, technical sessions, debates and other programs organized for the students. Guest lectures were given by few of the eminent personalities in the geosciences and petroleum industry. The following link shows the students from our chapter attending the Geo India 2015 :


It was indeed on 15th January 2015 that the visit of AAPG’s President, Ms. Randi S. Martinsen was edged in the history pages of the Geology Department of University of Delhi. Prof. G.V.R. Prasad gave a warm welcome to Ms. Martinsen on behalf of the University. He also presented a momento and a shawl as a token of thanks. Ms.Martinsen introduced AAPG to the students and scholars, wooing them to become a member of the AAPG Students Chapter. She also talked on “Shale Gas”, its exploration, limitation and its economical use. During the talk, she also conducted an interactive quiz session for the student in the audience. On behalf of AAPG, Ms. Martinsen gifted several books and DVD’s to the Department of Geology. In the end, Dr. Partho Chakroborty thanked Ms Martinsen for giving us time out of her busy schedule. The students had a healthy interaction with her, discussing all their queries related to their future prospects in petroleum industry.


Students from our department participated in the Prithvi'15, the annual GeoFest of IIT Kharagpur organized by the student chapter of IIT-Kharagpur from 20th to 22nd March. A team of 11 members represented the University of Delhi over there. Over three days of their stay, students gained valuable experience by attending workshops organized by ONGC and Cairn India, and guest lectures by the experts from Cairn India, ONGC, Schlumberger, CGWB and SPG Kolkata Chapter. The students enhanced their knowledge about the latest technologies and exploration techniques used today. Students participated in several competitions and won the following prizes:

Two teams won the joint 2nd prize in the Brainstorm event.
 3rd prize in the minerological quiz. 

Global Student Chapter Leadership Summit (GSCLS) and Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) – 2015

GSCLS held over two days (May 28 and 29) in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A., was an opportunity to inculcate good leadership skills in the various chapter leaders coming from different part of the world. The student chapter leaders were guided by young professionals from the Petroleum Industry headed by Mr. Bryant Fulk, Chair of Student Chapters Committee.

                  It was indeed a great honour that Kartikeya Singh Sangwan, President of AAPG Students Chapter 2014-2015), University of Delhi was one of the representative of the Asia-Pacific Region to the summit, which was a great platform to get exposure to the recent trends and demands of the industry.  


To express our love and gratitude towards the teachers a small event was organized which was inaugurated by ‘’Saraswati Vandana’’. The Head of the Department Prof. Devesh K. Sinha addressed the gathering. He talked about the essence of a student-teacher relationship and assured us of providing all kinds of help from which a student could benefit himself/herself. The podium was also shared by Prof. J.P Srivastava who shared his thoughts and enlightened the students with his dignified words and blessed the gathering.

This was followed by cake cutting. All the professors cut the cake and shared amongst the students. An open discussion on various topics (both on geology and current affairs) amongst the professors allured the students who got to gain certain knowledge from these topics. 


Students from our department participated in Protolith'15, the annual GeoFest of IIT Mumbai organized by the  AAPG student chapter along with various other student chapters of IIT-Mumbai (SPG,SPE,SEG) from 9th to 11th October 2015. A team of 21 members represented the Department of Geology, University of Delhi over there.   

Students participated in several competitions and won the following prizes:

We won the 2nd prize in following events:

Poster Presentation (Review Category)
Pirates of Protolith (An initial point was given along with the final point, the team had to reach the destination using various geological hints and tools)
Bug-Free (An overnight problem testing a person’s problem solving skills by using techniques like coding)

We came third in the following events:

Modelino (model presentation on any geological topic)
Game of Stones (classical group games like Pictionary, Word chain games adapted to Earth Science)

We added another feather to the cap by being crowned as the overall winners at the competition Protolith’15.


AAPG Student Chapter organized the Student Workshop on 15th October 2015. 

Quite a number of students participated actively in the events.The Geological Olympiad comprised of four rounds- Extempore, JAM, rapid fire, and Pictionary. A team of four members, one from post-graduate and one student from each year of the undergraduate level was allowed to participate. A total of 6 teams participated in the final round

The winners of the geological Olympiad were:

1st Solomon Douglas, Saurabh Babu, Shubhangi Narayan & Swaraj Banerjee

2nd Srijan Srivastava, Ashu Yadav, Yash Srivastava & Achal Anand.

The debate was also organized in which 6 students qualified to the final debate round. The topic was “Should the oil companies be made to pay a cost towards the environment in lieu of their activities leading to oil production. Or there should be an alternative mechanism or approach to the problem?’’

The winners of the Debate competition were:
Gyan Verma (For the motion)

Saagar Bhatia (Against the motion)

Kartikeya Singh Sangwan giving the presentation at GSCLS

Participants at the GSCLS and ACE 2015

Events that took place in 2015

Ms.Martinsen addressing the audience

Students with Ms.Adrienne Pereira, AAPG Asia Pacific Region Program Manager at the GeoIndia 2015.

Open discussion amongst Teachers

Team Of University of Delhi at Prithvi'15

Ms.Martinsen with Prof.G.V.R Prasad

The team of 21 members representing Department of Geology, Delhi University with their winning certificates for various events